About The Band

No Time To Waste is a band formed in 2001 , by Gonçalo, Toni and Bruno as a trio. Jonathan joined the band afterwards. Later on , Fabio also became a member. All based in Albufeira, Portugal .

They are Inspired my many genres but mostly by Californian Melodic Punk Rock (Skate-Punk).
Between 2002 and 2007 No Time To Waste wrote 2 Demos and 1 Album and played mostly in Algarve, south of Portugal and a small European tour supporting a band called O Meu Tio Bill (Another band from Albufeira).

After 2009 the band decided to have a break due to conflicts and embraced new projects. 11 years after, they decided to return. Now using the quote "We Are Back", with a new member Fabio and with more energy then ever they are proud to release a new Album .

The Album 2020 Is a wake up call to our society for equal rights and the preservation of our existence among each other, in a planet we call Earth.
Powerful songs with conscious lyrics and attitude, melody and aggression, rooted in the energy of punk rock.

In 2021 No Time To Waste are celebrating their 20th anniversary , many surprises will come .
Stay tuned ...